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About the-wright-home e.V.

The-wright-home e.V. foundation was founded in November 2012 and is registered in Buedingen, Hessen, Germany; registration number 2788. It is listed as a non-profit association.

The foundation’s logo symbolizes the roof of a traditional Basotho hut. Blue represents the sky, green the earth. The colours also reflect the colours of the Lesotho’s national flag. People are dancing happily under the roof and feel empowered and ready to take their lives into their own hands.


In den Kundenmagazinen mit Namen "Schatzkiste" des Instituts für Coaching & Training, Dr. Baldinger & Partner, lässt sich wunderbar nachlesen, welche Stationen zur Gründung von the-wright-home e.V. beigetragen haben.

Wenn Sie diese Entwicklungsgeschichte interessiert und vielleicht selbst zu einer ähnlichen Initiative anregt, dann hat diese Dokumentation ihren Zweck erfüllt ...

Our founder members and members

  • Alexander Wright

    Alexander 2015 2

    Alexander Wright

    • 1. Chairman – management trainer and coach

    »To me, this means a lifelong dream come true. The playful use of the name the-(w)right-home also has to do with my biography:

    It is my motivation that every child has the right to a »proper« home, a place where it feels it belongs, where it feels safe and loved.

    Therefore, I am building upon and within this »house/home«, and with the support of all members of the foundation, sponsors, volunteers and experts from Lesotho, South Africa and Germany a self-empowering network.«

  • Jörg Throm

    Bild Joerg Throm

    Jörg Throm

    • 2. Chairman – Managing Director at Throm GmbH in Buedingen

    »On the one hand I support this foundation, because Alexander is a good friend of mine and I would like to transform our mutual mission.

    On the other hand, I want to use the opportunity and give directly, instead of donating anonymously. Maybe, I’ll even help in the region one day.«

  • Christine Kleppe

    Bild Christine Kleppe klein

    Christine Kleppe

    Founding member – pastor and supervisor

    »I find it thrilling to accompany a project from day one on, so to say since the birth of the project. What I like, is that »the-wright-home« strives to be the equal of the people they cooperate with. I am already beginning to notice, that the contact with a foreign culture, enriches me personally.«

  • Johannes Schulte-Beckhausen

    Bild Johannes Schulte Beckhausen hochformat

    Johannes Schulte-Beckhausen

    Founding member and internal auditor – management trainer and coach

  • Sadia Biladama

    Sadia Biladama

    Sadia Biladama

    Founding member – student

  • Peter Böhm

    P1020714 Peter Boehm

    Peter Böhm

    Founding member – clinical linguist

  • Jekaterina Rebel und Familie

    Familie Rebel hochformat

    Jekaterina Rebel und Sohn

    Founding member – dentist

    »We, the family Rebel, want to support our friend Alexander with his projects in Lesotho, because we are convinced, that he will – with love, dedication, passion, but also with the right amount of pragmatism – succeed to lay out a new future for the orphans of Lesotho.«

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